Teen Heath

Luke Bins


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The best way to prevent this STD’s is by not having sex or what is also known as abstinence. Some common STDs are chlamydia, gonnerhea, herpes, genital warts, and a bunch more. Most of these once you get you cannot get rid of. You can get medication to hide the symptons but you still will have them. You can not tell by looking at someone if they have an STD or not so use protection or don't have sex.

Sexual Assault

No teen should have to deal sexual assault. In this article you will learn what sexual assault is this includes. Sexual assault is harassment, physical sexual abuse, rape, and sexual exploitation. Often times, sexual assualt is done by someone you know. If you have one of these things done to you use should do something about it. tell someone what you are comfortable with so you can get hlep. if you know someone who has been assualted, let them know it is not their fault.

Teen Drinking

In the USA 72% of teen consumed more than just a few sips of alcohol by the end of high school. At 11 years old, boys try their first drink, for girls it is 13 years old. Between ages of 12 and 20, nearly 10 million will have been drinking in the last 30 days. If teens start drinking before 15 they are 5 times more likely to abuse or be dependent on alcohol. Alcohol is a leading factor in death for 15 to 24 year old in car crashes (most by not wearing a seat belt), homicides and suicides. It is best to wait to start drinking until you are 21. When you drink, be responsible.

Perscription Drug Abuse

When you get a perscription from the doctor it is for you only. Some people sell their perscriptions or take other peoples drugs. ? In the US more teens die from prescription drugs than heroin. Do not try them, to be cool; you are cool without them. Just like illegal drugs are bad, taking someone elses drugs is dangerous.

Do not Smoke

Do you smoke? Do you know someone who does? In this article you will learn what could happen to you if you smoke. If you smoke you are a big risk of getting cancer or lung disease. Smokers also lose their teeth and even other voices. Would you want this to happen to you should stop smoking or do not start smoking. If you are a non-smoker keep it up because you did not want to become a statistic. Think about it.....would you want to kiss someone who smokes?? That is gross.

Best Birth Control

What is the best form of birth control might ask? The best form of birth control is abstinence which means to not have sex. It is hundred percent effective. It is also 100% free; also it does not mess with your everyday life or hormones. So that's why abstinence is the best form of birth control.

Best Vitamins

Do you know what some of the best vitamins your teen should have? Well for beginners, vitamin A it helps with vision and your skin. Most teens need glasses because they strain their eyes from all electronics we use. Well if you increase your vitamin A a it might prevent you from needing glasses. Teenage guys and girls need about 900mg of vitamin a day. You can't find vitamin a in fruits and vegetables also milk. Get your vitamin A today.

A Great Start to Your Day

Teens you need nutrients to feel good through each day. The most important meal is breakfast, even though it's probably hard for teenagers to get breakfast you should still eat something. Breakfast is even more important than eating lunch on a regular basis, and waiting until after school or until dinner to eat. Good breakfast foods are: whole wheat bread, fruit, eggs, yogurt, smoothies and oatmeal. Start the day out right, eat a great breakfast and don''t forget to set your alarm.