Media Center News

December 2016

Hour of Code Week

Don't forget that next week is Hour of Code Week! Here is the opening video that is great to share with the kids:

If you would like to collaborate! Let me know! We also have a high school student coming on Wednesday to assist students.


This week I introduced two teacher led Makerspaces to help with organization. One is knitting with looms and the other one is with an electricity kit They are located on the circulation desk. I am open to ideas for Makerspaces to help with preserving materials for as long as we can. The kids are just not taking care of the materials and I don't feel like I can be as hands on with materials this year. A couple of options I've brainstormed:
1. Sign up for a different time for Makerspaces- there are plenty of open times- and devote your actual scheduled time for book check out and reading/working on projects. That way you can be with the kids more instead of helping with check out to monitor and challenge them.

2. Only stick with the Makerspaces that are with blocks, legos, etc that don't have the opportunity to get damaged.

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Photos for Class

This link is on the school's Symbaloo and is a great resource in place of Google Images! Students have used this app to download photos for slide show projects, look up images for drawings, and to gain a visual for any purpose. This site is safe and able to be reused!

Where should we keep all of our login information and Resources? Here are some ideas!

The Status of the Media center

This year has been really hard with getting volunteers to come in and help shelf books, straighten things up, keep things organized, etc. I NEED YOUR HELP!

Before you leave the media center, choose 2 students to walk through each aisle of the books and straighten them up. If any books are on the floor or misplaced, have them put those on the cart!

As far as Makerspaces, don't allow your students to do an activity if it won't be put back properly. It is not fair to classes coming after you to start in a space that isn't organized. I am leaving the harder and messier ones on the counter for teachers to lead.

I would also like to have library ambassadors that would like to come during recess (indoor recess) to help straighten up too. I don't want them shelving books but straightening up the shelves would be helpful! If you have a few students in mind, send me an e-mail!