A website where you can design your own font.

About Fontstruct

FontStruct is a very neat site. You can design your own font and then you can download that font to your computer to use it. You sign up and you create the design using different shapes for each letter of the alphabet. Then you can do numbers and you can also do punctuation. You can then download it to your computer so you can use it when writing something!

Here is a link to try it out!

Making the Letters

Make sure to make the letters as cool as you can, but also make sure you can read the letter and it looks like the letter you are trying to make. A good tip is to use the same design for one letter, don't use two completely different designs on the same letter unless you canread it and it looks good. Sometimes you can read the letter or it doesn't look like the letter you are trying to make.


Go to this website so you can create the coolest letters ever!!!!