The Hohokam

Engineers of the Southwest

Your Diary Entry Mission!

You are an archaeologist (one who studies people of the past through artifacts) working in Phoenix, Arizona. You are uncovering "Hohokam site #1". It is a series of ancient water canals used by the Hohokam. Describe what you see and find there. What about the things you are finding at the archaeological site tells you about the Hohokams' lived? What do we as archaeologists know about the Hohokams way of life?
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Using these websites, videos, and other links, complete your Archaeological Notes first. Then, write your Diary Entry.

The Diary Entry needs to be at least 2 full paragraphs of 4 sentences each.

Images of the "Hohokam Site #1" that you are uncovering...

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Websites that will help your quest!

Videos of Archaeological Digs

Archaeologists search for ancient Hohokam clues
Dr. Jerry Howard speaks on Hohokam Irrigation
Here it is again, just in case youtube doesn't work for you...