Things you need to know

Fuctions of Carbohydrates

.Providing energy and regulation of blood glucose

.Sparing the use of proteins for energy

.Breakdown of fatty acids and proventing ketosis

.Biological recognition processess

.Flavor and sweeteners

.Dietary fiber

Had too many carbs?

Carbs get converted to glucose. To much glucose means the your body will stop producing glucagon, your body needs that to burn fat.

Havnt had enough carbs?

Eating to few carbs will drain your energy and drag you down.

Randon facts about carbs

.Carbs are found in almost all living things

.Some carbs help your body produce calcium

.We need carbs to live, never cut them out of your diet completely. Any crazy diet will tell you cut out carbs, but do that and you will notice a difference in your energy levels in just a few days.

Major sources for getting carbohydrates










.Starchy Veggies

Carbs acrostic poem


Almound nougat

Rice flour



High fiber foods

Yeast added to bread


Rye crispbreads


Toasted bagels


Soluble fiber