Animal treatment

How animals get treted

Animals Abuse

Animal treatment is a big problem ! Did you know that most of united state people abuse animals for no reason at all. some people buy stuff made out of tusks and are killing animals. How would you like it if some one was killing your family ! The animals need to be in the wild ! they should be living a live in the wild. if people keep killing the animals they will be gone. I don't feel right about this ! a lot of people don't care about animals. and will abuse animals. and they will do nothing at all !

from One zoo panted strips on donkeys to make them look like zebras why would they do that ?one zoo feed a monkey to the lions. They have no right to treat animals like that. I would like to know why they would do that.that is very mean.

i had know idea that a zoo would do that. people sould never do this stuff it would dum. theys`

BAD circus

Circus are a problem! they have no writ to treat animals a problem! They have no whit to treat animals like that! From elephants tigers and other circus animals don't get feed and die. Stop They also say that performing animals sped most of there time in cages with is terrible . It don't like how people teat animals! I don't like the way animals treated at all how could do something like this at all. I will get mad when i see a animals get hurt.


Tere are good people in the world people that will take care of animals. Nice people . People that will care about animals people who take care. Those animals I love animals they are part of nacher . I love animals so much I could not even think about hurting animals it is to rood why do people hurt animals