Swallow Falls

Home of the only talking monkey named Steve!

Why would you come?

You should come to Swallow Falls because there is a school with a square that names the school. that has a school bus marked with an X which creates intersecting lines and the school is a perfect rectangular prism and is congruent with a transformation that is a rotation to the sardine shop right next to it that also has a sign that says sardine shop.Across the city there are two houses that are also congruent and have the transformation of a translation the houses are cubes with a roof that is a triangular prism and one of them has the wonderful lab of Flint Lockwood that is made out of a cylinder with a cone on top and the one and only talking monkey named Steve lives in the lab.In the middle of the city there is a stage the shape of an octagon with the mayor and owner of the sardine business surrounded by a cop and buddy cop.There is also a water tower with a sphere on top. The roads are rainbow and zebra print and the names are Sardine st, eat st, chocolate st, berry rd, pancake Dr, Candy Rd, and Bacon Blvd, some make an angle like Sardine St and Eat St make a right angle Chocolate St and Bacon Blvd make an acute angle and the dock and Pancake Dr create an obtuse angle.The roads surround the city and go by all of the buildings. Some of the streets create perpendicular lines like Candy rd and Berry rd also Eat St and Bacon Blvd are parallel and intersecting streets are Chocolate St and Bacon Blvd. During your wonderful vacation you can go wake boarding and the boats that pull you are a circle or square.You can also go sandwich boat racing in the ocean. The sandwich boats are pentagons that have one line of symmetry, trapezoids that have one line of symmetry, hexagons that have six lines of summitry and octagons that have eight lines of symmetry. There is a dock that connects to Pancake Dr.