Elements of an Epic

By Arieanna Shepherd

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Plot centered around Hero.

Odysseus is the epic hero who the plot is centered. Odysseus can do things others can only attempt to do.

The suitors try and fail to string the bow but Odysseus accomplished the task and completed the challenge.

Superhuman Strength

Odysseus is so strong no one but him can string his bow.

Odysseus effortlessly strung the bow no one else could string.

Vast Setting

Homer writes in the underworld, land, and sea.

Odysseus goes to the underworld and meets a blind prophet.

Supernatural Forces

The Odyssey is a Greek story involving the ancient Greek gods.

Odysseus is helped by Athena to win back his home and disguise himself from the suitors.

Sustained Elevation Writing Style

Homer has many long descriptions in his writings. He uses many lines to describe on object, person, or motion.
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