Al Capone Does My Homework

A Tale from Alcatraz By : Tayler Heaviland

What Happened ?

Who would want to burn down Moose´s apartment?

Is someone trying to get revenge or just causing trouble--find out in

Al Capone Does My Homework .

Who will solve the case of the burnt down apartment?

Who will salve case of the burning down apartment?

Will it be Moose, Annie, Jimmy, Theresa, Natalie, or the adults ?

Things about the characters that have to do with the crime.

Moose fell asleep when the fire started

Natalie was on the ground when the fire started

People threatening that Natalie started the fire.

The parents were out of the house.

Definitely a mystery with a crime story!

Why he did it ?

Donny Coconie is the victim of the fire ?

Donny thought he would not get in trouble for the crime because everyone already

thought Natalie made the apartment on fire. But why? He wanted the flagman family kicked off the island, because he got the number 2 spot as a warden .

A 2015 Mark Twain Award Winner

Why should you read this book?

If you like a crime and mystery with a twist this a book for you.

This is also a great book because it is a 2015 Mark Twain Award winner!