indian removal act



in 1830 Andrew Jackson signed a law to exchange for Indian lands on may 28,1830. president Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe argued that the Indian tribes in the southeast should exchange their land for lands west of the Mississippi river, they did not take steps to make this happen.

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• Under this kind of pressure Native American tribes specifically the creek,Cherokee,Chickasaw,Choctaw and the Seminoles realized they could not defeat the Americans in war.They hoped that if they gave up a good deal for there land, they could keep some part of it.

• The creek lost 22 acres of land in southern Georgia and Central Alabama. Jackson's troops invaded Spanish Florida. Also the United States gain control over three quarters of Alabama Florida as well as parts Georgia,Tennessee,Mississippi,Kentucky and North Carolina.

• The removal was supposed to be voluntary and peaceful and it was that way for the tribes that agree to the conditions but the southeastern nations resisted and Jackson force them to leave.

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• jackson's government succeed. He had signed into law almost 70 removal treaties. The result was to move nearly 50,000 eastern Indians to Indian territory as the region belong to the United States west of Mississippi river.