GCSD ROAR Informational News

FAQ 2020-2021

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What is ROAR? What does ROAR stand for?

ROAR is a before and after school program that focuses on increasing proficiency in the areas of Literacy and Math. It will provide students with opportunities for fun, engaging, and hands on learning.

ROAR stands for Resources*Opportunities*Achievement*Readiness.

Why do we have ROAR?

Our district was selected for a 21st century grant. ROAR provides our students with the opportunities for additional intervention for reading and/or math, homework help, software instruction (Moby Max), Project Based Learning Projects, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Activities and movement.

How are you selected for ROAR?

Students are selected based on individual data in the areas of Literacy and/or Math.

Is attendance important in the ROAR program?

Yes, attendance is important in any academic program. Student attendance is tracked and students are awarded for attending.

Does GCSD have community partners with ROAR?

Yes, the ROAR program has several community partners. These community partners visit our students on campus or bring our students to them. Here is a list of our community partners: Galion Public Library, North Central State College of Success, Marion/Crawford Prevention Services, and Crawford Park District.

Does ROAR offer Family Engagement opportunities?

ROAR will offer several Family Engagement opportunities, and the information for each activity will be sent home with the students.

Where does ROAR take place?

ROAR takes place on the Galion City Campus. It is offered in the Middle School, Intermediate School, and Primary School.

Will transportation be provided for the ROAR program?

Transportation is not provided. Parent/Guardians will be responsible for prompt drop off and pick up.

Is food provided during ROAR?

Yes, food is provided for our students. During the school year, students receive a snack. Over the summer, students will be provided with breakfast and lunch.

What are the times for ROAR?

ROAR times vary for each building. See the listed times below:

*Middle School: Monday-Friday AM 6:10-7:10am, Monday-Thursday PM 1:40-4:10pm

*Intermediate School: Monday-Friday AM 7-8am, Monday-Thursday PM 2:40-5:10pm

*Primary School: Monday-Friday AM 7-8:45am, Monday-Thursday PM 3:50-5:35pm

How long will ROAR take place?

ROAR will start October 19th and run through May 14th for the 2020-2021 School Year. It will resume June 1st and run until June 23rd, 2021.

Will ROAR continue over the summer?

Yes, ROAR will continue over the summer. The ROAR program will be four weeks long in June. See the schedule listed below:

June 1st and 2nd 9-11am

June 8th and 9th 9-11am

June 15th and 16th 9-11am

June 22nd and 23rd 9-11am

How do you qualify for summer ROAR?

Students will be selected based on individual data. An invitation will be sent to families that are eligible to participate.

What is the focus of summer ROAR?

Summer ROAR will focus on the theme "Taking Flight". The theme will be reflected in the lessons and activities planned for the students. The summer program is designed to enhance student learning and provide additional intervention and support academically.

ROAR Program Site Coordinators

Middle School Site Coordinator: Brian Kinnard 419-468-3134 ext.13002

Intermediate School Site Coordinator: Jon Stinehour 419-468-3134 ext.13123

Primary School Site Coordinator: Kirstie Naumoff 419-468-3676 ext.14502