Abnormal Psychology

Kayla Dehart Hr. 7 11/12/15

What Is a Psychological Disorder?

  • Not easy to determine
  • DMS-IV explains,"...the concept of mental disorder lacks a consistent operational definition that covers all situations."
  • Psychological dysfunction in an individual that is associated with distress or impairment and a reaction that is not culturally expected.

The Three Ds

  • Is it psychologically dysfunctional?
  • Is it distressing or handicapping to the individual or others?
  • Is it associated with a response that is atypical or deviant?

What is the DSM?

  • DSM stands for diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders
  • It is the manual published by the american psychiatric association which lists all classification or mental disorders.
  • The organizing concept of the DSM is to assign symptoms to the classification for which they are most relevant. For example, even if obsessive symptoms are frequently found with the manic/depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder, they would nevertheless be categorized with obsessive-compulsive disorder as they are more relevant to that category.

What are the most important changes from the DSM IV to the DSM V?

  • "critical guidebook for clinicians"
  • now encompasses the previous DSM-IV autistic disorder
  • childhood disintegrative disorder
  • persuasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified
  • deficits in social communication and social interaction
  • restricted receptive behaviors, interests, and activities
  • both components are required for diagnosis of ASD

Who is David Rosenhan?

  • An American psychologist
  • Rosenhan experiment
  • a study challenging the validity of psychiatry diagnoses
  • practice trial law process, including jury selection and jury consultation
  • "Being sane in insane places"

Robin Williams

  • Long time suspect of depression or bipolar disorder
  • He took his own life while in one of his episodes of depression.
  • combination of psychotherapy and medications
  • Movies dealing with depression: Sylvia, Helen, Prozac Nation, The Hours, and Revolutionary Road
  • Famous people who are/were depressed: John Adams, Caroline Aherne, Alan Alda, Buzz Aldrin, Woody Allen, Claus von Amsberg, etc.
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