landlord credit check

landlord credit check

landlord credit check

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The Importance of Understanding Your Own Lease - August 5, 2013
Where do you obtain your leases and other legal documents? Many landlords and property managers download them from the Internet, which is fine--but it's always best to have a lawyer who is versed in landlord-tenant law look it over before you sign...

Are Your Prospective Tenants Checking You Out? - July 25, 2013
Smart landlords and property managers do a very thorough job of screening tenant applicants. They check references and work places, former landlords and addresses. And of course, they have a background check and tenant credit check done. But how...

How to Tell When Lease Applicants Lie--or Hide the Truth - July 18, 2013
Out of any 10 lease applications, how many contain lies, omissions or truth-stretching? Unfortunately, many will. That's why landlords and property managers can't assume every applicant fills out an application truthfully. If you're lucky, the...

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Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA)
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Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
nonprofit consumer information and advocacy organization Landlord Tenant Center
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NoLo Landlords & Property Management
Information, forms, and resources for landlords

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landlord credit check