After School Plans

Thursday, March 12th

Morning Drop Off

Children will report to:

Jennifer Clarke's Room. Netflix to stream as children leave backpacks in hallway.

Depending on WX:

8:30am: First Group leaves to go outside. If weather is bad, stay in room.

8:55am: Second Group joins Group #1 on Playground.

9:30am: Come inside for class assignments and snack.

SNACK: Mixed Fruit (plus goldfish if they are still hungry)

10am-11am Bully Prevention with ATA Karate

Master Cabrerra will join us to do bully prevention with the kids. May have to split the group up.


Bathroom, Wash Hands, get ready for lunch.

Split the groups between classrooms for pizza lunch.

Finish lunch and clean up by 12:00 (noon).

Activity-- Explaining Pi Day with Mrs. Clarke

Making "Chocolate Pi's" with Mrs. Janice.

Making "Pi" Necklaces with Mrs. Clarke

Activity-- Split into Age Appropriate Groups

K/1: Channeling your inner Picasso Water Color painting for St. Patricks Day. Picasso had his "blue period" and we are going to enter our "green period"!

2/3: St. Patricks day craft with Mrs. Janice

4/5/6: St. Patircks Day Lava Lamps

2pm-2:15pm BIG HERO 6

Runtime: 108 minutes

Gather all the children together to watch Big Hero 6! While the children watch Baymax be a Personal Care Campanion :) We will set the kids up with a snack.

SNACK: Smartfood Popcorn and GoGurts!

Indoor Physical Education Rainy Day Games

Split into three groups and rotate through the classrooms.

Harini: "Who's Missing?"

Janice: Beanbag toss



Spitting Groups for Rotation

In the Morning, I will divide the children up into 2 groups, then to three after 11.