I Am Malala

Kyra Grzely


Malala started out as regular teenage girl in Pakistan. The Taliban believe that girl's and women didn't need an education. Malala isn't afraid to stand up to the Taliban. Then finally, she is shot in point-blank range. The bullet went into the left side of her head and traveled down her neck. She couldn't remember anything that had happened that day. Malala was flown to a hospital in Birmingham where she recovered. She is now a Pakistani activist for female education.

“One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world.” ~ Malala Yousafzai

Character Analysis

Malala Yousafzai is brave, amazing, wise and has no fear. Her family has supported her through her worst and she has helped many with other educations. Malala is a Pakistani activist and is changing the way people look at their education. Malala was the youngest to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

"They thought that the bullet would silence us. But they failed... weakness, fear, and hopelessness died. Strength, power, and courage was born." ~ Malala Yousafzai


Character VS. Society- Malala had a problem with the Taliban and that didn't stop her from doing what she loved. The Taliban said that girl's couldn't go to school but Malala didn't listen. She was going to fight for her education and make everything right. She wanted everyone to have an education. Malala and her friends were forced out of there school and were sent home. The Taliban wanted schools and villages bombed and that is what they did. Malala spoke out against them and was interviewed by several people. The Taliban threatened Malala, her family, and her friends that supported her.


I think the main theme for this book is to let people know about women's rights. Most women in other countries don't get an education or something is stopping them from having their education. Malala fought for women's rights because she wanted an education herself. This book talks about how Malala fought for not only her education, but for other women and their right to an education. This is one of the many themes that stand out in this book.

Textual Evidence

"We felt like the Taliban saw us as little dolls to control, telling us what to do and how to dress. I thought if God wanted us to be like that He wouldn't have made us all different." ~ Malala Yousafzai (page 124 of I am Malala)

This quote really reaches out to me because I always think of how hard school is and how I don't want to go to school at all. I look at myself in the mirror and say that school is boring, stupid, and that it is a waste of my time. Malala and her friends in Pakistan want an education badly and they have always wanted one. Getting an education was easy for me but not for Malala, her family, her friends, and other across the world. A lot of these children/teens want an education. In Pakistan, Malala is getting forced out of her school by the Taliban. This is why the word "Taliban" is really important in the book. It is important because every time I think of the Taliban, I think of Malala and other school girls with no education. The quote listed above is my favorite because she just wants to be herself and be different.

Book Rating & Review

I thought this book was exciting and interesting. If I had to rate it out of five, I would most likely give it a five. It was a good book and she included a lot of detail. Malala had her own life experiences in this book and she made it emotional, suspenseful, and it was out of her own creativity. This book is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read.

Women's Rights

The story of Malala Yousafzai