Blinn College Dual Credit

2022-2023 Blinn Class Information

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How do I access my online course?

Blinn's online orientation provides hands-on activities to provide you with actual experience using the College's course management system.

How do I use eCampus?

These tutorials will guide you through Blinn's online learning management system, eCampus.

Dual Credit Presentation

Due Dates and Deadlines

Applications and Approval Forms Due to Blinn - April 28, 2023

TSI Testing Requirements Met - April 28, 2023


STEP 1: Tell your high school counselor you plan to take dual credit classes next year. You most likely completed this step during your individual course selection meeting with your counselor.

STEP 2: Apply for Admissions and send the required admissions documents.

  • Apply for admission online at View step-by-step Apply Texas instructions for applying here.
  • SHS Counseling Office will submit your school transcript which indicates a “B” or higher average in completed coursework.
  • SENIORS ONLY Provide your bacterial meningitis vaccination record, if attending class on the Blinn campus.

STEP 3: Meet Testing Placement Requirement.

  • Verify TSI requirements for dual credit students.
  • Provide an official Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment scores or official exemption test score documentation.
  • Check with Mrs. Patranella at the high school if you are unsure if you have met testing requirements:
TSI Testing Through Blinn

Students only need to complete one form. The Blinn request form allows testing on Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm for $10 per section. The Examity request form allows testing 24/7. Examity charges $10 per section and a $20 proctoring fee.

STEP 4: Dual Credit Approval Form.

Students must bring a signed copy of the Dual Credit Approval Form to Mrs. Patranella by April 28, 2023.

STEP 5: Receive reminders about Dual Credit information and deadlines by using the Blinn Mobile App (optional).