Blinn College Dual Credit

21-22 Blinn Class Information

August 30 - Blinn Classes Start

August 22 - Payments Due

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How do I access my online course?

Blinn's online orientation provides hands-on activities to provide you with actual experience using the College's course management system.

How do I use eCampus?

These tutorials will guide you through Blinn's online learning management system, eCampus.

Dual Credit Presentation

Due Dates and Deadlines

Applications and Approval Forms Due to Blinn - May 20, 2021

TSI Testing Requirements Met - May 14, 2021


STEP 1: Tell your high school counselor you plan to take dual credit classes next year. You most likely completed this step during your individual course selection meeting with your counselor.

STEP 2: Apply for Admissions and send the required admissions documents.

  • Apply for admission online at View step-by-step Apply Texas instructions here.
  • SHS Counseling Office will submit your school transcript which indicates a “B” or higher average in completed coursework.
  • SENIORS ONLY Provide your bacterial meningitis vaccination record, if attending class on the Blinn campus.

STEP 3: Meet Testing Placement Requirement.

  • Verify TSI requirements for dual credit students.
  • Provide an official Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment scores or official exemption test score documentation.
  • Check with Mrs. Weldon at the high school if you are unsure if you have met testing requirements:
TSI Testing Through Blinn

Students only need to complete one form. The Blinn request form allows testing on Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm for $10 per section. The Examity request form allows testing 24/7. Examity charges $10 per section and a $20 proctoring fee.

STEP 4: Students login to MyBlinn account to initiate the Dual Credit Approval Form.

Students must have submitted an Apply Texas application and have their Blinn log-in information before they can access the Dual Credit Approval Form.

Login to MyBlinn portal, click the button at the top that says Admissions Forms. Then the Dual Credit Approval Form should be located under Additional Admissions and Records Forms.

STEP 5: Parents complete the parent portion of the Dual Credit Approval Form.

STEP 6: Receive reminders about Dual Credit information and deadlines by using the Blinn Mobile App (optional).