Linden Community Schools

Sinking Fund Renewal

What is a Sinking Fund?

A sinking fund is one option Michigan school districts have to fund projects and expenditures related to their facilities and equipment. The district benefits from a sinking fund because it:

  • Dedicates an annual amount of funds for approved uses
  • Protects the community’s school facility investment

The renewal will not raise taxes, it will keep them the same and allow the District to continue implementing projects on its projected facility needs plan.

Promises Kept

Sinking fund dollars have been used for remodeling, repair, or construction of buildings and sites. Sinking fund dollars have not been used to pay for teacher, administrator or employee salaries, maintenance or other operating expenses. Sinking fund dollars have allowed us to perform necessary facility repairs and renovations without using “Educational” dollars, keeping educational dollars IN the classroom, supporting and enriching programs and opportunities for our students.

Future Needs




Pavement improvements

Playground expansions

Utility infrastructure

Electrical/Sewer /Water

Security cameras



Classroom storage


Restroom renovations

Tech infrastructure


Auditorium lighting system

Clock systems

Fire alarm systems

Door hardware

Gymnasium equipment

Benefits to Students and Community

  • Preserves educational dollars for quality programs and classroom instruction
  • Allows our schools to remain current and competitive, maintaining our reputation as a quality school district
  • Maintains optimal learning facilities that enable the district and the community to keep and attract residents, teachers and administrators
  • Protects our community’s long-term investment in our school facilities
  • Strong schools enhance a community’s desirability, which has been shown to have a direct and positive impact on property values