IR project: The Game

by: Halle Smith

Main characters

  1. Zack is a 17 year old boy who goes by Trew Radfield in his final play of "The Game". He had time to play one more game before he turned 18, which was in a few weeks.
  2. Alexandra attends a rough school after spending all of her credits in the Game. She is offered one free play to turn it all around. She goes by the name Danielle in the Game.
  3. Raphel and Stephanie are "guardians" that basically check on Trew and Danielle throughout their game life.
  4. Brandon Strayne is the leader/manager of the Game. He monitors and takes charge of everything.


  • Earth setting is in Tygon, a city.
  • "Earth" is the game setting.
  • Zack finishes a play and prepares for his final play. (He will soon be too old to participate.)
  • Zack gets interviewed.

Rising Action

  1. The rules of the Game are told.
  2. Zack says he wants to be called "Trew" in the Game. He enters his coma therefore entering the Game.
  3. For awhile in the Game, he is ranked as the number two player in the world. During this, he meets Danielle on his ninth birthday at a karate tournament.
  4. Trew and Danielle become best friends.
  5. The two friends continue their relationship while being miles apart, seeing each other occasionally. They start to date.
  6. They make a theory, "We all live a one big game simulation. Everyone watches our lives."


Trew and Danielle get married and spend the rest of their lives together. They preach their "We live in a Game" theory and people start to believe them. Danielle also is pregnant, but later gets sick. She almost died and the baby didn't survive. (This takes awhile in the book, but it constantly builds suspense and the reader's interest.)


Zack (Trew) has lots of money and credits from his final play in the Game, but he did not end up finishing as the number one ranked player in the world. He was killed on his 40th birthday in Germany. Because Zack (Trew) was murdered/killed in the Game, he should be dead in real life. Brandon is told to not unplug Zack from the machines. This leads you to believe that he could be saved. (This book is the first in a series. It is unkown if the main character survives.)


I believe that the theme is as follows:

Life is a gift. There are happy moments, sad moments, and many moments in between. The earth is full of learning, and everyone will learn things no matter how many chances they are given.

This should be the theme because the main characters go through many good and rough times in the book. Also, characters in the book learn many things in the "simulation" and in the real world. When the children play in the Game, they have multiple chances of success.

Narrative Paragraph

I chose karate as the narrative topic for the book The Game. I chose this because Zack (Trew) does that sport as a child. That is also because he met Danielle at a karate tournament on his ninth birthday. I chose it because I don't know much about karate as well.

Narrative Paragraph

Karate is a sport that has a very important history. Karate, also known as Kung Fu, originated on the Okinawa island somewhere during the 17th century. In that time, "A ban on weapons was imposed by the samurai rulers of Japan," (The History of Karate"). Those people had to learn how to use self defense with their hands. In 1922, Japan was introduced to this martial arts fighting. According to the World Martial Arts Center, Dr. Jigoro Kano is the founder of the colored belts ranking system. The colored belts all mean a certain level of experience. The white colored belt, is birth of the seed, or beginner. Yellow is the first ray of sunshine hitting the seed. Orange represents developing, green is growth, and blue is the sky the seed grows up to. Purple means changing and brown means the ripening of the seed. Red stands for heat and caution, preparing for back belt. Finally, black, the master, begins to teach new seeds. These few facts show where karate comes from and basic meanings of its' belts.
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