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As we all know the Presidential debates are BIG. But the person with the most unwanted attention is no one but your very on Donald Trump. During the great campaign trail Trump was said to have made fun of a Disabled Reporter who Trump was kindly introduced to. Then later commented on How-and I quote- "I never physically met the reporter in my life". But other accusations were made on how he specified on the reporter based on how the reporter was formed. The Trump was forced to cancel his meeting with African American religious leaders. So the real question is... Is Donald Trump the best Presidential candidate based off of his words and actions?

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Stump 4 Chump????

Trump is the chump. Yep you got that right. Trump is the one who has no filter. No I'm not insulting Trump but the thing s he says should be left unsaid. Even though you may not physically agree with me you don't have to its my opinion that I have.-Beauty Queen658

-Pulled from actual words given to me.