Persuasion in Pop Culture

Parker, Luke, Lucinda, Rachel

The Harmful Effects of Propaganda

Throughout history propaganda has been used to destroy many family's and trick people into harming themselves so others can benefit. Many political leaders use propaganda to manipulate themselves into power. Propaganda may be used to make people buy things that they don't want or need. Believing propaganda is a negative thing that can destroy lives while opposing propaganda can improve them. Being able to tell the difference between propaganda and the truth could make your life great and make the world better than it has ever been.

Propaganda in North Korea's Media

Propaganda is frequently used to trick citizens into ignoring important issues which eventually lead to the country's demise. In North Korea propaganda is used in the media to convince citizens that their nation is "great" despite food shortages and concentration camps. TV, movies, and the news can frequently be used to brainwash the general public into doing what the leaders of the country want. It promotes a sense of false pride and deceives many people.