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September 2016

Talk Faith and Move Forward

In a sermon entitled “Talk Faith and Move Forward”, Ellen White said,

“While we know Christ in one sense, that He is the Savior of the world, it means more than this. We must have a personal knowledge and experience in Christ Jesus, an experimental knowledge of Christ, what He is to us, and what we are to Christ. That is the experience that everyone wants. Now, I cannot have it for any of you, nor can you have it for me. The work that is to be done for us, is to be through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit of God upon human minds and human hearts. The heart must be purified and sanctified.”[1]

She defines an “experimental knowledge of Christ” as going deep into His Word to gain knowledge but then to also test that knowledge through life experiences. These life experiences can be such as when we receive a serious medical diagnosis, a divorce, or when our children leave the faith, or when work layoffs are imminent. Our relationship with Jesus should always hold firm.

Every day is a test to see whose side we are truly on. I used to hate tests, however as I began to know the Professor I could anticipate his questions and do quite well on the tests. Today we know our “Professor.” We know what He requires from us His “Students.” We need to start living God’s way every day, in every situation.

Remember, the end judgment isn’t about what you know or say, it’s what we did. It isn’t knowledge for knowledge sake. His Word is to be lived out in our homes and workplaces all across Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida’s panhandle. His word is to be passed on like a lit torch to someone in darkness every day. Our territory must become illuminated with the love of Jesus and all that He brings into our lives. Nobody should be left out or marginalized as we “Talk faith and Move Forward.”

[1] White, E. G. (1990). Talk Faith, and Move Forward. In Sermons and Talks (Vol. 1, p. 304). Ellen G. White Estate.

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Latest GSC News

  1. · New in Ministry met at the conference office with all unordained pastors for an all-day training event. Pastor Peter Trzinski has been taking them through a manual which covers all aspects of Pastoral Ministry.
  2. · The Hispanic Camp Meeting was held at Camp Binachi near Meridian. I was there for the Sabbath Pastor Bullon preached a tremendous message on salvation. It was a powerful weekend with many baptisms! Huge thanks to Pastor Nilton and Sarita Garcia for their exceptional work.
  3. · ADCOM and Departmental leaders will be traveling a lot throughout this month. Please keep us in your prayers.
  4. · Schools have begun throughout our conference. Please pray for our principals, teachers, support staff and students. I met with a group of young people from BMA, and they were very impressive. I drove away thinking that I’d do anything to keep these kids in our church. Please involve our youth in your church activities.
  5. · I heard great things about the Prayer Summit; those who attended said it was a great blessing to them.
  6. · Keep Pastor Dan Garrard in your prayers as he begins revival series throughout our conference.
  7. · The Bay Church in Bay, St Louis has become an organized church. It was a tremendous Sabbath!
  8. · We buried Carl Hobbs, the father of Stan Hobbs, our VP of Education. Please continue to pray for the Hobbs family.
  9. · We took the staff to the Biscuits baseball game. I’m so thankful for our employees and their Christian demeanor. Next time you are in the area, please stop by to meet our staff and get a tour of the office.
  10. · We had a very productive Executive Committee Meeting the end of August. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t thank the Lord for the work accomplished in our meetings.
  11. · Montgomery First is planting a new church in Montgomery. Please pray for God’s blessing.
  12. · Pastor Johnny Mosquera will be holding a series on the campus of Auburn University in Montgomery. Again, we covet your prayers.

Until next time, God bless you and God bless the Gulf States Conference!

Dave Livermore

GSC President

Office of the President

The President guides the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Gulf States from its Montgomery, Alabama, headquarters. He serves on various organization boards operated by the church, and lends leadership to mission, evangelism, educational, and humanitarian strategies.