Third Grade News

Week of May 21st

This week in 3rd Grade

How can I possibly be making a newsletter for the last full week of school?! This year has flown by and I am so thankful that I have gotten the opportunity to be part of your child's life this year. It has been such an honor. We have a fun week of pirate activities ready for next week. Friday they bid on the seat they wanted with the jewels and coins they have been earning from the pirate treasure chest. We will have four ships and they will name the ships Monday along with figuring out what each student's pirate name will be! I can't wait for the week to start!!

This week our reading will focus on pirate and those kinds of things. There will not be reading homework unless we come across a fun family pirate activity. :)

Also, the 5th grade/teacher volleyball game was moved to Wednesday, May 30th at 1:15. Since that was moved, we decided to move the dress like a pirate day to Tuesday, May 29th. I am attaching a note about that day and some pictures of a new ideas for dress up.

Spelling: We will have pirate spelling this week. I will send a list home and will send some fun activities to do with them.

This week the caterpillars left their chrysalis and became beautiful butterflies! The kids were even able to observe one coming out of the chrysalis was really fun and pretty amazing.

We will continue to study the branches of government this week in Social Studies and the history of pirates.

**Pirate week: The final two weeks of the year will be pirate weeks! We will have pirate spelling, pirate math, pirate centers and pirate everything. The desks will turn into pirate ships and lots of pirate fun will follow. We will celebrate with a dress like a pirate day on May 29th. The kids may dress and simple or as festive as you would like. Please remember that weapons of any kind cannot come to school with your students. We are looking forward to "Argh" great week!

**Star Skate: The last day of school, May 31st third grade will walk to Star Skate at 8:00. The trip will not cost your student. Please make sure your student is on time the last day since we are leaving school to walk so early. You are welcome to join us and if you would like. If you are not able, we we see you in the afternoon for our last day of school party.

LIBRARY BOOKS: Most of the kids have turned in the books checked out from the library this year. Please check with your student to see if they have any books at home to bring back.


School will now begin at 7:40 each morning and end at 3:10. The buses will run 10 minutes earlier and breakfast will also begin 10 minutes earlier at Monroe each morning.


There may be math homework a couple of nights but I will email and let you know that day if there is.

Spelling test on Friday!

Thank you for sharing your child with me,

Mandi Bridges

Here's What is Coming Soon!

May 22 Kindness Ambassadors Group 4

May 24: Yearbook Signing

May 28: Memorial Day-NO SCHOOL

May 29: Dress like a pirate day

May 30: 5th grade/teachers Volleyball game

May 31: Field trip to Star Skate

May 31: Last Day of School-Afternoon party in our classroom