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NU SPORTS BULLETIN, Issue 17.03.2016

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Moldir Mekenbayeva NU Foundation Year Program student won silver medals in Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling divisions of Arlan Grip Selection ADCC Tournament held in Almaty on March 12-13. Tournament page in VK:

Moldir is now qualified to participate at 2016 BJJ World Championships with Kazakhstan National Team to be held in Dubai, UAE.

Congratulations to miss Mekenbayeva with this outstanding performance!
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NU Boxing Club with support of Sports Center ran the first friendly boxing match between Nazarbayev University and Eurasian National University teams on Sunday, February 28. The match was for beginner-level boxers of the two universities.

Once again boxing proved to be one of the most interesting sports at NU, as the event grought together more than 100 attendees. NU Cheerleaders were there to support our team.

Kazakhstani boxing stars Daniyar Yeleussinov, Samat Bashenov, Iliyas Suleimenov and Danabek Suzhanov of Astana Arlans also attended the event as honorary guests.

NU team won the day with 7-3 score. Congratulations to NU Team!

E18 Media gratefully provided photos of the bout day. Find more pictures here:

NU Team roster (name, school):

  1. Alen Kabdislam, SENG (49kg)
  2. Alikhan Kusnutdinov, FYP (52kg)
  3. Miras Arystanbek, SHSS (57kg)
  4. Sherkhan Shamganov, SHSS (60kg)
  5. Nurdaulet Orynbassarov, FYP (64kg)
  6. Talgat Otelgen, SENG (69kg)
  7. Yernar Sakarbekov, SST (75kg)
  8. Nurassyl Battalgazy, SENG (81kg)
  9. Dinmurat Amangeldinov, SST (91kg)
  10. Madi Aldabergenov, SENG (91+ kg)

Coach: Mirzhan Rakhimzhanov, former Kazakhstan National Team member (2004 Olympic Games) and Astana Arlans fighter (2012/13 WSB season).

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NU Women's Football Team participated in its first competition ever at Nauryz Astana Tournament for university teams of Astana held at Alau Sports Complex on February 16.

6 different teams took part in the contest from Nazarbayev University, Eurasian National University, Kazakh Agro-Technical University, Kazakh Economic University, and two teams from Youth School of Olympic Reserve.

NU Team share a group with ENU and KazEU. In game one ENU beat NU 1:0, and in game two KazEU beat NU 5:0.

Aida Amirkanova, 2 year SST student was named Best Defender of the Tournament!

Although the NU Team lost both games in the group round, the team showed great progress since it first started training in Fall 2015.

The team now will prepare to compete at Astana Universiade football tournament to be held in either April or May, depending on OrgCommittees scheduling.

Join us in wishing new hights and big wins to your NU ladies!

Team Roster (name, school):
  1. Indira Suleimenova, SST
  2. Aizhan Aimbetova, SENG
  3. Aida Amirkanova, SST
  4. Tomiris Tulegenova, SHSS
  5. Aziza Yessetova, SST
  6. Kamilla Zhanuzak, FYP
  7. Azat Yerkinova, SENG
  8. Lyazzat Zhanshayeva, SENG
  9. Shakhnoza Khalimzhanova, FYP
  10. Aiym Bakimbayeva, SHSS
  11. Aizhan Yestayeva, SENG

Coaches: Veniamin Glevich (Men's Team coach, UEFA certified), Murat Tleukhanov, Daulet Kengesbek, and Meiram Zhardayev of NU Men's Team.


NU Women's Volleyball Team played in Astana Universiade Volleyball Tournament among city universities that was held at Kazakh Agro-Technical University on March 10. 9 different university teams competed at the event.

NU was in a group with Kazakh University of Technology and Business and Eurasian National University. After splitting results with a win against KazUTB (2:1) and a loss to ENU (0:2), NU finished group round at 2nd spot, which put us in contention for 4-6 spots in finals.

Unfortunately, the team lost two games against KazEU and EAGI to finish the tournament at 6th place. Let's wish the team better luck in future tournaments.

NU Team roster (name, school):
  1. Laura Vaigorova, SHSS
  2. Togzhan Dyussupzhanova, SST
  3. Saule Ospankulova, SST
  4. Nadira Yessimova, SST
  5. Madina Kengesbek, SENG
  6. Gulnaz Tokauova, SHSS
  7. Nazgul Zhaikadarova, SST
  8. Miuagul Dobysbayeva, SST
  9. Aida Iskaliyeva, SST
  10. Aray Yelyubayeva, SST
  11. Samal Omarova, SST
  12. Damira Kumisbay, SST

Coach: Oksana Krupa, former professional athlete and Kazakhstan National Team player.

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NU Men's Football Team started its play in the new Astana Students League ran by city's Football Federation. Officiating, awards, and scheduling is provided by Astana Football Federation.

8 teams from Nazarbayev University (2 teams), Kazakh Economic Univeristy, Financial Academy, Eurasian National University (2 teams), Medical University Astana, and Turan-Astana University play in the league. The league is ran on a weekly games basis at Eurasian National University sports facilities. Nazarbayev University teams play their games at NU Sports Center.

You can track the League at FFA page here:

NU Teams have already played 3 games:
March 11 NU (T1) 3:3 NU (T2)
March 16 NU (T2) 0:0 Financial Academy

Upcoming games:
March 19 NU (T1) vs ENU (16:00 at NU Sports Center)
March 26 NU (T1) vs MedU and NU (T2) vs KazEU (16:00 and 17:00 respectively at NU Sports Center)

Come support your NU teams!

NU Team 1 roster (name, school):
  1. Alinur Mirassov, SST
  2. Daulet Kengesbek, SENG
  3. Shyngys Nurbai, SENG
  4. Anuar Yerkinov, FYP
  5. Yeldar Baltabayev, SST
  6. Daniyar Temirov, SST
  7. Galym Tokazhanov, SENG
  8. Daniyar Maksatov, FYP
  9. Urdiskhan Balta, SHSS

NU Team 2 roster (name, school):

  1. Ismail Karymsak, SST
  2. Sanzhar Sattiyev, SST
  3. Adilbek Kamiyev, SHSS
  4. Bekarys Kuandyk, FYP
  5. Gani Kassymov, SST
  6. Zhansultan Abdrashit, FYP
  7. Sultanmurat Yeleu, FYP
  8. Yerkegali Metey, SENG
  9. Almas Satybaldinov, SHSS
  10. Dauren Turganbek, SENG
  11. Zhandos Alzhanov, SST
  12. Meiram Zhardayev, SST
  13. Daniyar Bekishev, SENG

Coach: Veniamin Glevich, UEFA certified coach.
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NU Judo Club organized first KAZAKH WRESTLING TOURNAMENT dedicated to 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's Independence and upcoming National Nauryz Holiday on Sunday, March 13.

More than 50 wrestlers participated in the Tournament in 4 weight divisions and one absoluter weight category of “Tuie Paluan”. National Wrestling Federation’s head of Referee Committee Nurlybek Yermagambetov and National Team’s chief coach Nurken Manapuly participated the event as judges.

Winners of the Tournament were awarded with medals, diplomas and valuable prizes. The main goal of the Tournament was to promote national sports and healthy lifestyle among the University students.

Results of the Tournament by weight divisions:
Below 60 kg: 1. Yerniyaz Nurgabylov 2. Temirlan Nursultan 3. Yelaman Naizabekov
Below 66 kg: 1. Yerdos Tayev 2. Yerniyaz Nurgabylov 3. Aidar Baspakov
Below 74 kg: 1. Temirlan Zharkynbek 2. Alisher Urazbekov 3. Meiirzhan Ablayev
Below 82 kg: 1. Galymzhan Kuatbay 2. Adilet Abish 3. Alisher Urazbekov
Absolute weight: 1. Slyamzhar Akhmetzharov 2. Yerdos Tayev 3. Dinmurat Amangeldinov

Congratulations to all the winners and medalists of the Tournament!

Find more photos in Google Drive here:


NU is a football town. Students, faculty and staff can all play in NU Futsal League's 3 divisions:
  • Division I: Students A League (211 players in 20 teams)
  • Division II: Students B League
  • Division III: Faculty & Staff League (92 players in 8 teams)

NUFL is ran in cooperation with students sports community in NU Student Government - Minister of Sports Murat Tleukhanov and one of the founders of the League, Alinur Mirassov supervise the league. All games are judged by a student Ref Committee consisting of 10 officials serving all games.

All information on teams, players, results and stats is available at Anyone can join this helpful network.

NUFL action has now continued its games. Staff Division is to play Play-Offs starting end of March.

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Victor Yeffimov, a member of Ukraine Table Tennis National Team gave a master class at NU Sports Center for NU students and Astana Table Tennis Club members.

During the event Yeffimov played an exhibition game, answered questions on game techniques, tactics and equipment. Upon the completion of the day all participants received a certificate of completion.

Events like this help amateur and professional table tennis players acquire new knowledge and skills for further development.

Please see below the video from the event aired on KazSports Channel.
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INSTAGRAM CONTEST FOR NU - Win an NU Football jersey!!!

To participate:

1. Follow @nuathletics in Instagram;
2. Share this post with #NUsports hashtag before March 22

Random number generator will pick a winner.

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Sports Classes are provided by professional instructors under Sports Class Passes or All-Access Passes.

How to buy a Pass?
  1. Check with the coach of the class you are to attend for available spots,
  2. Pay with card at USM financial office (or through bank directly) at office #096, Block22/23, recieve a receipt,
  3. Bring receipt to Sports Center concierge and receive a Pass you paid for.

NOTE: payments and Pass are to be acquired before 17:30.

For more information on schedules and passes contact Sports Center concierge at +7 7172 705721 or


Sports Clubs are interest-based official student organizations of NU. Clubs regulate membership and activities on their own discretion.

There is no specific fee related to membership, but attending training sessions at Sports Center will need a pass (any Sports Pass available at NU).

For information about clubs contact club officers directly:

  • Taekwondo: Zhandos Abdi @,
  • Aikido: Aidana Serikova @,
  • Nine Q (togyz kumalak): Ayan Ualiyev @,
  • Women Football: Indira Suleimenova @,
  • Gym Club: Aibat Akhmediyev @,
  • Chess: Aisha Yesbolatova @,
  • Yoga: Aigerim Fazylova @,
  • MMA: Zhaksylyk Galym @,
  • Badminton: Alibek Sailanbayev @,
  • Gymnastics: Baizhan Yesbergen @,
  • American Football: Rustem Kussainov @,
  • Boxing: Nurdaulet Orynbassarov @,
  • Judo: Madiyar Bazylkhanov @,
  • Legion Paintball: Alaidar Amirseiit @

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Sports Center provides opportunities in sports for students, faculty and staff at Nazarbayev University. We operate the NU recreational, intramural and intercollegiate sports programs and events.

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