How To Fill A Prescription

Maha Kesibi @ Shoppers Drug Mart

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Wednesday December 9th @ 3:00

Filling a Prescription

Filling a prescription is a daily task at the pharmacy.To fill properly at the pharmacy, a few skills are required. These skills include: communication skills (which ensures that the correct prescription information is entered), computer use skills, and organization skills. This demonstration will guide you through every step of the way, to make sure the prescription is processed in the correct and most efficient way. I will walk you through all stations that are required for a prescription to be completed.
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I have chosen to show you prescription filling, because it is the main task a pharmacy technician carries out, as part of their daily routine. It is very important to follow the filling steps accurately, because an error in filling, might have a serious health impact on the patient taking the medication. In the pharmacy, it is very important to be precise because you are working with patients health therefore tasks must be carried out precisely and accurately. In addition, this task is the main duty in the pharmacy since over 140 prescriptions are filled on a daily basis. This demonstrates that filling is an integrate part of a pharmacist job. Filling quickly, efficiently and precisely is important to ensure customer satisfaction and good business flow.

--------------------- Steps ---------------------

13- Counselling

If the pharmacist is required to speak with the customer, then call pharmacist for counselling. Or call the pharmacist, if the customer has any question regarding their medication.

Required Materials

  • Prescription and label
  • computer
  • Basket (Red,Blue,White)
  • Drug
  • Pill counter (electric and/or hand)
  • Pen

Here is a quick review

How to Fill a Prescription


Narcotics are always hand counted and double counted

Narcotics require an ID when picked up, if the patient themselves are not picking it up.