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Updates for TSE Team

John Collins Visit

Henry was very impressed with our school and what you have achieved so far with implementing the Thinking and Writing Techniques of the program. Once the newest videos are posted we will be able to review a variety of ideas modeled by Henry they can be adapted to your grade level. Bobby and I were pleased to see all the hard work your students have been doing based on what we saw in the Writing Folders we reviewed. I used resources from your folders to allow Henry to see the WRITING PROCESS you have taken your students' through. He really liked the banners in the hallway to display and celebrate the "whole process" I plan to make banners that are a little more sturdy for us to hang up future writing process pieces. It is a reminder of the hard work and thinking that goes into writing.

TSE Reminders

Tamassee- Salem Elementary - It's a great day to be a Cougar!!!

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