Ukraine: Tensions get higher

Russian Forces "Invade" Crimea?

Russian Occupation:

After being ousted, Viktor Yanukovych is said to have fled to Southern Ukraine or possibly Russia. Mayor Alexei Chalov of Sevastopol is worried about the unrest and has called Vladimir Poutin for assistance. Parliament quickly allowed him to start sending troops in to assist at keeping the peace.

Possible Crimean Separation

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, Rustam Temirgaliev, confidently states that Crimea will be joined with Russia in only a "few days." A vote on this situation will be taken on March 16.
But the Prime Minister of Ukraine stated that the vote to join Russia and Crimea will not be recognized. The Crimean people however have the support of the Russian Parliament and if the vote goes through, then the Russian Federation stated that they would "unquestionably back this choice". For now Russian forces remain in Crimea.