The History Of Croydon

Violetta B and Lucy G

Who were the original inhabitants and how the lived?

*They used materials around them to build shelters and canoes.

*The original inhabitants were the Wangal people from the Dharug nation.

*They killed native animals and gathered fruits and vegetables.

*They traveled by foot to transport to places.

*They made digeridoos to entertain the tribe.

*They wore animal skin only to cover there private parts.

Who where the first settlers, why did they move into the area and how they live?

*The English such as John Townson,Sarah Nelson were among the first resident of our area.

*They cleared out the land to build houses and farms.

*They grew plants and crops to sell and get money to build more farms and support familys.

*The British wore full clothing and heavy coats and big wigs.

*The English moved into the area because the land wasn't dense,the land was flat and the soil was fertile this made it ideal for farming.

What are some major events of our area?

*The post office was built in 1913. It is 101 years old. last year it celebrated its 100 year anniversary.It is on the end of the strand next to the medical clinic.

*Croydon public school was established in 1887 it was the very first school in tis area.

*1793 captain John Townson became the first resident of this lovley suburb.

What is croydon like today?

*There are more females than males in croydon(50.7 females) (49.3 males)

*61.5 people speak english then Italian,Mandarin,and cantonese in croydon.

*There is 63.2 Christians in Croydon.

*There is 57.9 people born in Australia.

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