Battle of Kings Mountain

By: Maddie McLaughlin


The Battle of Kings Mountain was one of the only battles that historians have no exact idea of were it took place. Also we will learn about the American General and the British General. We will also find out what happend to start the Battle of Kings Mountain? Do you want to learn about how it took place? There is information other than historians have no exact idea were the Battle of Kings Mountain took place.


Did you know that William Campbell and Patrick Ferguson played an immense part in the Battle of Kings Mountain? William Campbell the American General was born in 1745. He moved from California to South Carolina. Later he became a general because his dad was a general. Finally he died in Virginia. Patrick Ferguson was the British General. He was born on June 4th, 1744 in Edinburg, Scotland. He was the second son of James Ferguson. He was encouraged to join the military by his uncle James Murry. Finally he began his military career as a teen. Now you know how William Campbell and Patrick Ferguson played a roll in the battle of Kings Mountain.

Leading up to the Battle

What happened to lead up to the battle and what supplies did the armies have? The Americans did nothing to start the battle. Gun wise the Americans had muskets. All the Americans had for armor was hunting gear. Gun wise the British had muskets and bayonets. The British also had strong armor. Before the battle the British sent a threatening letter to the patriots. The British where doing really well in the south provinces. The British had captured most of Georgia and South Carolina. General Cornwallis was in the process of sending his troops to North Carolina. Now you know the supplies the armies had and what happened to start the battle.
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These were the kinds of guns the armies used. The one in the middle is a bayonet the other ones are muskets.

The Battle

Do you want to learn about the Battle of Kings Mountain and how it happend? This battle was fought on the border between South Carolina and North Carolina. The British started out with 1,200 troops. The Americans killed 290 of them and wounded 163 of them. The Americans caught 668 of them. The Americans stared out with 900 troops. The British killed 29 and wounded 58 but the British caught none of them. It was fought on October 7, 1780. The Americans won the battle, at first the Americans were planing a sneak attack. This battle was considered a turning point for the Americans. William Campbell marched in with 400 men. At first the Americans were pushed back. Jame Johnston lead 660 men. Lastly John Sevier lead 240 men. Now you know how the battle took place.
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The Battle

This is a picture of the battle.


Even though historians have no exact idea were the Battle of Kings Mountain took place it is still important. Now you have learned about the generals. All in all I think we know what happend to start the Battle of Kings Mountain. You have learned about the fighting. Although historians have no exact idea were this battle took place it still pushes the Americans towards victory.


historians- people who study and write about the past.

bayonets- guns that have a blade on the top for close combat.

muskets- long loading shoulder guns.

immense- large in size.


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