iPads for Teaching and Learning

How Devices Are Shaping Education

iPads in the Classroom

Cost Efficient

Apple Inc. offers a wide variety of discounts for students, educators, and institutions. By purchasing a device, the cost of books and educational resources are greatly reduced. This is because ebooks are typically cheaper than printed copies. Also, apps can be shared among devices with the same apple account.

The new iPad Pro

Why is America on the iPad Bandwagon?

Eighty-one percent of U.S. teachers think tablets help enhance classroom learning. Eighty-six percent of students believe tablets help them to study more efficiently. That's a huge majority! Not only are these percentages well over half percent, but teachers and students are actually agreeing over something!


How Devices are Improving Test Scores

Not only are iPads improving test scores across the United States, but also helping students develop better study skills and maintain a positive attitude while learning.


Enhance Learning

With so many apps out there, it is easy to come across those that do nothing to enhance the learning process. That is why educators must carefully select apps/programs that will aid students and improve instruction.


Apple in Education - Learning With iPads (2011)

iPads and Autism

Research suggests that parents of children with Autism embrace the use of iPads in the learning process. However, many parents report inadequate use of the device by the teacher in regard to their children.


iPads and Diverse Learners

All students can benefit from using iPads in the classroom whether they are auditory, visual, or hands-on learners! Why you may ask? The answer is simple. iPads have features and apps for everyone!


Digital Textbooks

Research suggests that the more students use digital textbooks and believe that they are helpful to increase learning outcomes, the more easily they are able to accept digital textbooks.


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