Just ice

16th 1666 Diamond

Ferdi'ban and his crew gets hit by bus

As days go by, we all gonna die, A young handsome boy called Ferdi'ban was driving around an island called Calibean. He is a prince of a town/kingdom called Naples, he drove through a town they have never seen on the island of Calibean, called Claymore Springs, with with his father, the king of napels Alianso, and his assistance AntRomeo and the driver and bartender Prino and Prano in a hummer limo. As they go by Claymore Springs they have discovered a bridge which was never there and the island attached to it. They were all amazed and shocked and mostly scared, esspeacially Prino and Prano. While they drive through the bridge they see a toddler standing in the middle of the bridge, Prino stops the car while going 80 km per hour, "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PRINO, YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE!", shouted Alianso (King of Naples), "There's a toddler in the middle of the sire", as they all pause, as if it was a joke, Ferdi'ban quickly rushes outside the car and sees if the toddler was okay. The rest stayed in the car, Tumbling and stacking on eachother trying to see whats happening. Ferdi'ban slowly walked up to the toddler, "What are you doing out here in the cold young boy" asked Ferdi'ban in a softest voice, "Get out of here something is gonna happen" said the toddler in the fastest and highest pitch voice. Then all the sudden, Ferdi'ban saw a bus going towards them very fast, Ferdi'ban jumped out of the way, and the bus swerved around the toddler, missed ben and hits the limo hummer while trying to stop. The bus crashed the limo, and caused it to scatter and explode everyone in the limo around Claymore Springs. Alianso and AntRomeo got stucked on trees, While Prino and Prano drifted down the river, "DAMN I MY MACCAS FELL" shouted Ferdi'ban. Ferdi'ban got scared, he was terrified......


What Would You Do???

Would you run..... or would you wait for help...... or would you wait for someone..... or would you stay and starve and let all the mouses eat you from the bottom to the top ..... or would you jump of the bridge ..... or would you.... Cry.