by dale

volcanoes and mountains are made when tectonic plates are rubbed, scraped, or crash against each other.tectonic plates are what make the Pacific, and Atlantic ocean an ocean. The tectonic plates also make land's surroundings. Sometimes inactive volcanoes are filled with rain water and make lakes or ponds on the top crater. When a volcano erupts get to high ground that way the lava might not get to you. Or get far away from flowing lava and get to a high ground building or mountain. There are many kinds of volcanoes. Such as the Hawaiian volcano type. In 1998 a volcano known as mount St.Helens erupted and razed a whole forest! But when a forest is destroyed it's actually good for the enviremen because the old plants get destroyed and podlings and saplings can grow! A volcano may look like a mountain but it's allot more dangerous. volcanoes have a unike structure, when the lava flows out it creates a magma witch creates rocks.