New Year, New Goals!

Let's get a jump start on 2017 and make January amazing!

January is here!

Can you believe it's already 2017?! Last year FLEW by and we as a team did some incredible things! While January is typically a slower time in retail, C+I is packing our month full of exciting things to help you reach YOUR goals!

This month, I want you all to take a few minutes to reflect on last year and decide where you want to take your business this year.

I would love to help you set a plan in place to reach and surpass your C+I goals.

Set up a time to talk with me using this link:

Let's make 2017 amazing!

Semi Annual Sale

Our semi annual sale is going to be starting Thursday January 5th and we will have items up to 65% off! Most of these items will not be replenished to make room for our new styles!

Here's my top 3 tips to maximize SAS:

1. Get a pop up on the books! Even if you host it online YOURSELF. Don't let those orders not go into a pop up. You'll lose out on credits!

2. Let your customers know NOW! Give them early notice and let them know that items may sell out quickly and not be replenished!

3. Start checking out your VIP's past purchases so that when you get a line sheet of sale items, you can quickly recommend a semi annual sale item based on their previous purchases!

Pre Spring Capsule

La Vie Boheme is launching on January 10th just in time for your VIPs to use their evergreen credits on it before they expire!

(Remember, evergreen credits expire 1/15/17---I will send you a report as soon as I get one of who has credits available!)

This will be a great transition collection to move us from the winter months to spring!


With the start of the new year, I wanted to share with you C+I Facebook groups and let you know the "purpose" of each. I know we have a lot of groups at C+I, so feel free to only join one or join them all!

Our team page is going to be the #1 place to get support, have questions answered, and join contests!

January Planning Calendar

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Shout out to these merchies who rocked their business all through 2016!

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Ragen Polansky , DMM

I have been a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser since 2014. I was promoted to a Merchandiser Manager in February of 2015 and then to Divisional Merchandiser Manager in August of 2015. In my time of leading the Charmers, we were one of the most successful MM teams in the nation & now that we are a full DMM team, we are working our way back to the top! I work full time with Chloe + Isabel to help other merchandisers reach their goals and their full potential.