Always be yourself


Leo, Leo is the main character and the narrator. Stargirl, Stargirl is the girl Leo is in love with in the book. Kevin, kevin is the hot seat producer that asks all the questions.

Favorite part

My favorite part about the book is when Stargirl goes on the long drive and is annoying Leo.

figurative language

Strong verbs

punted pg. 23=she punte the ball as hard as she could.glancing pg 24=They kept glancing at them as they did there warm-ups.buzzing pg 25=people in pheonix must of heard us buzzing.drew pg 25=cheerleeding practice drew a crowd. 


Once upon a time there was a new girl, her name was STARGIRL. She was very different, she wore skirts and played a ukelele at lunch and sang happy birthday to kids. She wasnt trying to be mean but the other kids thought it was embarrasing. One day when it was the mean girls birthday she didnt sing to her she sang to Leo but in the song she said the girls name. She had a rat named Cinnemon The next day the rats were sold out and she bacame the maost popular girl in school. But then her popularity went down and none of them liked her. a few weeks later she moved and none saw her again for years. 


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