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Week #4 | New Players & Teams Welcome

Dear Chess Families,

After a great weekend at the Annual State Championships in Saratoga we are back in action at our weekly Saturday Quads! It was great seeing some many of our players at the State Championships and new friends and relationships formed on Saturday truly carried over to that event!

A special congratulations to our I.S. 318 Players on Winning the Jr High State Championship in exciting form!

Our current 1st Place Team is "Put Em in the Tank" with 111 Points!

Leonardo Liu 31

Sumit Dhar 38

Swarup Dhar 11

Tyrone Davis III 38

Standings After Week # 3

Remember You can join us for the entire 6 week season or play week by week!

(Please see full information below)

We hope you can join us on Saturdays,

Coach Russ

3 Round Quads | Game 70, D5

After a smashing success in our inaugural Fall season (read about it) we are now introducing our new Winter season! We have added several tweaks including the amazing team component with prizes along with a shorter season and tiered individual cash prizes! (See Full Information Below)

How it works:

Players will be paired in quads of 4, starting with 4 highest registered players based on their last month published rating and continuing down to 1000 USCF. Once your quads rounds games are complete, the next round will begin. You may leave on the completion of your quad. Walk-ins are permitted but they must register before 9.45 am. 1st round will start at 10 AM Sharp.

*Weekly prizes of $25 for any player going 3 - 0!


PS 111, 440 West 53rd St, NYC

Winter Fantasy Season (6 Weeks) - Starting February 7th

Spring Blitz Championships

  • April 11th



Teams can consist of any 4 "Friends" Rated Between 1000-2100 USCF! The Team accumulating the most points for the Season Win!!!

Participating Teams will create a team name and submit their participating player roster on site to the tournament director.

Team scores are not counted retroactive. In order to receive points towards your team, you must submit the team roster prior to round # 1 of that weeks tournament. New teams can join at any point in the season.

1st Prize: Helicopter for up to 6 (2 Adult Chaperons) and fly high above New York City's Skyline, viewing landmarks and our Home Town as you never have before!!!

2nd Prize: Pizza Party for the Team Held Village Chess @ Zinc w/ Chess NYC Master Coach

3rd Prize: Pizza Party for the Team Held Village Chess @ Zinc



Players receive:

  • 6 points for a win
  • 3 points for a drew
  • 1 point for a loss

Season Ending Point Conversion:

Max Points = 6 Weeks * 18 points (Perfect Score) = 108

  • 30 - 40 Points Accumulated = $1 Per Point ($10)
  • 41 - 50 Points Accumulated = $2 Per Point ($20)
  • 51- 60 Points Accumulated = $3 Per Point ($30)
  • 61 - 70 Points Accumulated = $4 Per Point ($40)
  • 71 - 80 Points Accumulated = $5 Per Point ($50)
  • 81 - 90 Points Accumulated = $50 Per Point ($500)
  • 91 - 100 Points Accumulated = $75 Per Point ($750)
  • 101 - 108 Points Accumulated = $100 Per Point ($800)

* Maximum Payout Per Player Total = $2200 + Weekly Bonus Prize (6 x $25) = $2340
* The money specified per point is only for the associated ranges

Things to note:

  • No byes permited
  • Lunch will not be served
  • Pairings will be based on current month's published ratings
  • If a player is late for the start of a round (indicated by the TD) their clock will be started
  • 3 Rounds Quads, G70, D5
  • 9:45 Registration Closes for Walk-ins
  • 1st Round @ 10 AM Sharp
  • 2nd and 3rd Rounds will begin at the completion of your quads previous round
  • You may leave upon the completion of your quad
  • Special analysis will be available on site

Please Bring your Own Clocks


Spring Break G & T Camps | April 3, 6th - 10th

About The G & T Chess Program:

Creating a more competitive and sporting environment for Chess Players promises to be life changing for those committed to play...of that we are certain! This section's time has come. While still Chess NYC FUN, this is a serious one, only those committed to successfully competing in the game of Chess should enroll in this more rigorous opportunity.

Day to day Coaching will be provided by Chess NYC Masters and Chess NYC favorite, Super National Master Majur Juac, WIM Prathiba Yuvarajan along with some special guests.

A day or week of rigorous Coaching, Chess Play and Social time will prepare everyone to be their very (Chess) Best.

Learn More

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