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April 26, 2019

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Game Over Cancer!

By Pranet J.

Arcade games are fun. Kids love arcade games. How do you raise money in school for a good cause? You get something kids like and have them pay for it. That is why we repurposed cardboard boxes to create arcade cabinets for the "Game Over, Cancer" event. This event consists of four classics arcade games: Pac-Man, Asteroids, Pong, and Donkey Kong.

Each one of these games will be made available through the One-Dollar Play Pass that will be sold at the School Store here at Warwick (Every Tuesday). For only $1 the Play Pass will give students 5 minutes to play these classic arcades during the school day. Please encourage your child to play our games, because every dollar will be donated to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia!

Roadwork Planned

PennDOT informed us that planned roadwork will take place on Almshouse Road between York and Long Roads starting Saturday, April 27th and continuing through Wednesday, May 1st. Please plan accordingly for delays, especially during arrival and dismissal.

Got Bulbs?

Did you receive a beautiful potted bulb plant such as daffodils, lilies, tulips, or hyacinths for the spring, but you have no time or intention of planting them in your yard? Don't throw them away! We would love to plant them in our courtyard so that each spring we can enjoy the colors and joy that they bring. If you plan to donate your bulb plants, please send them in with your Warwick student or drop them off in the Main Office during school hours. Thank you!

Warwick Goes Casual for a Cause

For the month of April, our featured charity has been the Autism Cares Foundation, chosen by our Autistic Support Team. During April we held two Casual for a Cause Days which allowed our teachers to dress casually for a donation to this cause. Additionally, the pretzel sale today will benefit the Autism Cares Foundation.
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The 4 to 1

By Dr. Leatherbarrow

There is a rule of thumb for encouraging positive behavior in schools and at home: give four positive statements of feedback/praise to children for every one negative. Starting next week, I plan to make this an addition to our morning announcements on Mondays. Additionally, I will share with our school community through our Warwick Weekly newsletter so we can all join in our celebrations and help support our growth areas. So here it goes, the first "4 to 1!"

Four Positive Things:

  1. I saw students helping other students at dismissal, during recess, and in class. For example, when I was visiting Mrs. Melvin's classroom, a student helped another student to use an app on the iPad.
  2. I noticed some beautiful new artwork around the building. In particular, there were some lovely watercolor paintings outside the 3rd grade classrooms in the hallway.
  3. When giving out birthday pencils and stickers to students, not only did birthday students say "thank you," but when I arrived at classrooms where they had switched for math, students helped me to find the birthday students in other classrooms! Thank you!
  4. It warmed my heart to see all of the notes and tokens of appreciation that were shared with our office staff for Administrative Assistants Day yesterday. We are so lucky to have Mrs. Taggart, Mrs. Richter, and Mrs. Wylie who support our school and each of us every day! Thank you!

One Thing to Work On:

My challenge to Warwick students this week is to fully listen when an adult is talking. In the primary grades, we call that "whole body listening." It means we stop speaking, our eyes are on the speaker, our body is still and calm, and our brain is thinking about what is being said as we listen. Whole body listening is not only important in the primary grades. It is the best first step toward being respectful, responsible, cooperative and achieving excellence at Warwick, and in life! Please join me in modeling and challenging our students to practice whole body listening.

Student Placement Input Form

Parents and guardians of students in Kindergarten through 5th grade should have received an email from Dr. Leatherbarrow regarding student placement input forms. Input forms submitted by next Friday, May 3rd will be considered when assigning students to rosters for next school year.
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100 Year Anniversary Information Gathering

Your contributions will help us create a celebration of Warwick worthy of its 100-year history.

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And Coming Up in May

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Warwick 2018-2019 Web Calendar

To view the entire Warwick calendar for this school year, click here.


State Assessments

The following state assessment dates are planned for our students:

  • Grades 3-6: Math PSSAs will be on April 29-30
  • Grade 4: Science PSSAs will be on May 1-2

Please be sure…

  • Your child is well-rested and eats breakfast.
  • Your child arrives to school on time. If students arrive after testing has begun, they will need to take the test during a make-up date.
  • Your child is feeling well. If an illness is apparent, your child should stay home. He or she will have an opportunity to complete the test on make-up dates.
  • Your child does not have their cell-phone, smartwatch, etc. on them.
  • Your child has taken any needed medication.
  • Any mints or snacks that are provided are dissolvable – not hard candy, which is a choking hazard.

The testing time window lasts until 11-11:30 a.m. on most testing days.

We appreciate the daily encouragement we know you will provide to reduce any unnecessary anxiety. If your child is exhausted or disappointed after a day of testing, validate their efforts and reassure him/her that this is just one test and there will be plenty of additional opportunities to show what he/she has learned!


As we staff and plan for next year, it is important that we have accurate numbers of students registered to attend Warwick. Please click above to register your new Kindergartener or older students online. Thank you.

CBSD Attendance Policies and Procedures

Central Bucks School District attendance policies conform to the Pennsylvania School Code sections 1326 to 1333 dealing with compulsory school attendance. “Every child of compulsory school age having a legal residence in this Commonwealth… is required to attend a day school in which the subjects and activities prescribed by the standards of the State Board of Education are taught.”

As per CBSB Policy 204, students with more than 10 excused absences cumulative throughout the school year must have a doctor's note. Please contact Mrs. Pecoraio if you have questions or concerns about your student's health-related absences.

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Help Support Warwick

You can support Warwick while you shop. It is easy! Here is how...

  • Giant A+: Go to https://giantfoodstores.com/ and select SIGN IN or REGISTER. Once Logged in, select MY ACCOUNT, then MANAGE MY ACCOUNT, then REWARDS & SAVINGS. You will need your 11-digit BONUSCARD number and school ID number which is 26483. If you need assistance, cal 1-888-814-4268 option 1.
  • Box Tops: Please clip Box Tops and return them to school.
  • Amazon Smile: Go to Amazon Smile and use the search feature to find Warwick Elementary PTO in Jamison, PA. When shopping at Amazon, use Amazon Smile to benefit Warwick.

Thank you for your continued support!

Warwick Parent Teacher Organization

Click here to learn more about our amazing PTO and how you can get involved!

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Helpful Links:

Note: Parents/Guardians who do not wish to have their students' images shared on social media (i.e., newsletters, Twitter and Facebook) should indicate so on the Student Emergency & Information form found on the Parent Portal.
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We want to hear from you...

In each Warwick Weekly, we will include the opportunity for you to share feedback with us so that we can all continue to learn and grow together. If you have feedback for us, please click here.
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