Watch for Malaria

The History of Malaria

A hundred years ago, a disease named Malaria was discovered. In that time only half of the world had Malaria. Lots of people said that it was a deadly disease with high morbidity and mortality. India was known as the Malaria-free country.

How does Malaria spread

Malaria is spread by the Anopheles mosquito. The Anopheles mosquito bites and infected person, then it goes and bites a person who hasn't been infected yet. Malaria is also spread by the transfusion of blood from infected people.

When do Symptoms for Malaria Begin and End

After being bitten, the person might feel ill as early as 7 days. At that time that peron is feeling alot of pain and thats when Malaria kicks in. It takes 4-10 weeks, or more for the illness to start going away. If you are patient the illness might go away faster that you think, but if your not patient the illness will grow and you will feel even more pain than you did before.

What Organs are affected by Malaria

The Organs that are affected by Malaria are your stomach, your liver, it turns your red blood cells to tiny blood cells, your brain, your spleen and your kidney. Ask your doctor how they can be cured. If the organs are worse than you thought you might want to go to the hospital.

Medications for Malaria

When you or someone you know has Malaria, ask your doctor for these Antimalarial drugs: Chlorine, Quine Sulfate, Hydroxychloroquine, and Mefloquine or you can go to a pharmacy and ask for these drugs.

Ways that prevent you from getting Malaria

When you get medications for Malaria before you travel to a place where Malaria is common, get bed nets because of the infectious mosquitoes, and a vaccination for Malaria, all of these things will prevent you from getting Malaria.

Other similar diseases like Malaria

They are other similar diseases like Malaria, like Hepatitis, Rickettsia, and Gastroenterittis, so be very careful because all of these diseases are all over the world, but if your not very careful then one of these diseases will be with you.

How long does Malaria last

After being bitten by the mosquito, the illness lasts for about a week or a month. After being almost treated it can recover in about 4 weeks, depending on what kind of Malaria you have.

What does Malaria do to your body

When you have Malaria, Malaria makes your body have chills, have a high fever, a headache, vomiting and diarea. So its not fun when you get or have Malaria.

Emerging diseases for Malaria

Malaria has some emerging diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS, SARS, and West Nile. All of these diseases sound dangerous, so you should really stay away from these diseases.


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