Wonton SeedFolks

Chapter by Emmett Sullivan


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My name is Won-ton. Im from Thailand and i'm a teacher at Boxing and i'm a Businessman and i'm the owner of a big company called Hugo all in Thailand. My mom is one of the boxing teachers at a boxing place called Ton Boxing. My dad is also a businessman but in a different company call Royals. Also i own a big garden in Thailand and we make rice for the people in Thailand so they can buy it and make mango and sticky rice. I make $700,099.99 a year and i'm only 31. At my business i sell fancy clothes. Also i sell/ make things for the U.S weapons and robots industries. I went to a college for 5 years learning how robots work and how they function. Also I made robots in college. After I graduated I went to graduate school where I just made weapons and drowns for 3 years. I am coming to the U.S to recruit some old friends. Also to take some people back if they want to have a good job at my business and just to make some new friends.

The Garden

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When I got to the U.S I was riding in a car to go to a fancy hotel where i was supposed to meet two of my co-workers. I was driving on the highway and I accidentally drove of of the wrong road to a place where there where apartments and where people were all cooped up in a little place on a courtyard where they were planting at a small garden. I walk over and a man runs into me with his hand full with lettuce. The lettuce had just been washed so water splashed all over my new $400.00 suit. The man says so so sorry and runs away with his lettuce. I walk over and someone around 70-75 says hi want to plant something it will be fun. I say ok and walk back to my car. There is a bag of rice seeds. Taking the bag of seeds I walk over and say is planting rice fine. He says yes by the way i'm Sam. I say I'm Wonton we shake hands and he ask why do you want to plant rice. I say Im going to make sticky rice for everyone and so I can make some new friends. He says thats cool I got a kid to work the ground. You can work over there in my spot.

Mango and Sticky Rice

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When Sam ask me what I want to plant I new right away. In Thailand I have lots of acers of land for rice. Lots of rice. Rice rice rice as far the eye can see. I have a rice business called Sticky like mango and sticky rice. Mostly I sold my rice to restaurants that made lots of mango and sticky rice. Over time my business was realy successful and I could hire more people well getting more money. So when Sam ask " Do you want to plant somthing in the garden" I new right away. Planting rice is a good way to recruit people because mango and sticky rice is yumy and that will make friend, friend will want to know how to make it and what you need to grow it. I'll say I have a job/ business for exactly that. Bam new employee's. Also if it does not work I will still meet know people and make new friends.

My Life in Thailand

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Cool Stuff

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