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1933, Dec. 10


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Is our city really as safe as we think? Yesterday, in our city of Maycomb, a shooting had occurred which had taken the life of a young puppy, named Tim Johnson, who was just looking for some playtime fun. The shooter, who's named cannot be spoken of, says he was feared that the dog will attack him, so he had shot it multiple until the dog was dead. The shooter will soon be put on trial. Hearing of these stories, it makes us think about where our city has really progressed. We, our news committee, really think we should do something about this situation so it will not occur and innocent lives will not be taken. We need to get a control of the firearms, in which will increase the risk of someone dying and also for public safety. This incident, had really frieghtend our community and demands control of firearms. We need to get together and figure out a solution for public safety in which will help us all in the community for the coming generations.

Tuesday, Dec. 5th 1933 at 9-11am


This event was created on behalf of the, Daily Maycomb newspaper committee, to discuss our safety for now and the future generations. We ask all people of Maycomb to attend this get together and also to bring their families so we can make our community safer.

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