TAG Seminar December 3

Agenda for the day

Our Morning Routine

Grab your binders and get ready for a great day!

We will start with Rajio Taiso and then begin an inspiring gathering activity.


Our Morning:

Study skills, how to work independently (and why you should), being gifted after high school

Save the Date! Field Trip in January!

Tuesday, Jan. 19th 2016 at 7:45am

3648 Washington Boulevard

St. Louis, MO

We will be seeing a performance of the educational event "The American Musical" and touring the art gallery at the Sheldon Concert Hall! We are leaving at 7:45 am from the commons area.

Discussion: Being Gifted After High School

Focus/Interface Time 5th Hour

-We eat 2nd lunch-

  • Do research
  • Complete work
  • Study
  • Talk to Mrs. Kidwell

End of the Day!

**Fill out your reflection sheet

**Turn in binders to proper bin

**Stay for meditation, or go to 7th hour class

Relaxation Music, Mind and Meditation