From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate



First they pick out the cocoa beans. Then they take the cocoa beans to the farm. Then they let it dry for five days. Then the cocoa beans change color from yellow to black giving it flavor. Then they ship it to the factory.


They mix the chocolate and make sure that the taste is good. The cocoa beans are rosted in large sinder and rosted anywhere from 30min to 2hours. The carefully controlled heat make the beans a caricalistick aroma of chocolate . Soon as the beans are cooled a machine takes off the shells to leed to the inner part of the cocoa beans. The nibs are ready for processing the nibs are converted into grinding mills were are crushed by heavy steel rollers .The friction and presser liquids. The nibs and made into a liquid called licker. It has no alcoholic content. The factory can make eating chocolate or chocolate out of cocoa beans. to make the chocolate licker is moved into a machine that applies 600 pounds of square inch of the licker. The intens pressure takes out the cocoa butter the cocoa butter is used to make chocolate.


Now they put the chocolate into rappers and the truck moves it to the store now we have chocolate.

Fun Facts

Did you now that chocolate has been around sines the six hundreds. did you now that cocoa beens start off like cucou beens. did you now that cocoa beens start of in the forest.


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