computers yay!

Computer Project

I am going to fix a computer that was broken by replacing broken parts or just taking it apart, resetting it, then putting it back together. Or both. Whichever it needs to be working again. I will also be taking the "shell" of the computer off and spray painting it a color that is currently unknown.

Computer Fixing

My idea for what is wrong is that the files are corrupt so I will just have to reset the memory, but I will still take it apart anyway.
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For this project I am required to have a mentor to help me with my project, so here he is ( I wasn't able to get his picture so I substituted it (;). Thomas is really good with computers and is very smart. I think he will be good to help me with my project.


So far I have not started yet although I plan to start soon. It should only take about 45 minutes if that. My mentor has been busy lately so he cant help me.


As I said before, I will be spray painting the shell or "box" of the computer with a color or design. Right now I am thinking of painting it Blue + Black or Blue + White or Green + White. I have been delayed on this because I can't buy it and I am having trouble finding the right colors.
These examples were the best I could find