Wednesday Minis

September 9, 2015

Upcoming Dates

  • Shamrock Prep Day 9/13
  • Date Event 9/27 from 12:30pm-4:30pm
  • Date Night (screw) 10/23 9:30pm-11:30pm at Plum Tree/Miyake
  • Lots of fun mixers this weekend (see social announcement)

VP OPERATIONS Jen Mandelblatt


Fill this out so we can figure out our strengths as a chapter and what we need to work on! Also it's MANDATORY from nationals:

And thank you, thank you to all the APOs for an incredible and productive conversation on Monday. I am so excited to see what you do in your positions and please know that I am always here to help you. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL. Seriously so many feels after our meeting.




Shamrock Prep Day: We can really make our philanthropy event wonderful but we need everyone's help!

  • When: THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th @ 12:30 PM
  • Where: Kappa Delta
  • What: COME TO KNOW EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SHAMROCK. You're going to be an effing expert. Including WHAT WE ARE DOING, an ELEVATOR SPEECH (for sharing the FB event and whatnot), etc.
  • What part 2: We are going to prepare PR and decorations for the event to make everything wonderful for our event. :)
  • Also, there will be donuts + photoshoot

Feel free to read over the Shamrock Guide if you want to know more! And look over the sisterhood requirements.

Send in excuses as soon as possible



Invite your friends to Shamrock Bash! And change your cover photo sometime before the event to advertise - the supremely talented Natalie Hemlick has provided both a green and a pink option, attached.

But don't keep your invites just online - tell your friends in text, Facebook message, in PERSON.... the possibilities are endless!

peace, love, salsa night!!!,


PANHEL DEL Josselyn Tsai

Tri-council is doing the Go Greek Campaign again this year and applications are open now until September 21st


Also Day of Demeter is still open! Reminder that group PEARL is assigned. Shifts should be announcedtomorrow (Thursday!)

In addition, feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in running for Panhellenic Exec and I can connect you!

Appointed Officer Announcement

EVENTS Elise Czuchna

In addition to the Date Night on October 23rd, there will also be a Date Event on Sunday, September 27th from 12:30-4:30. This one is not a screw so start thinking about findin yoself a hot date!!! More info to come this Sunday!

Love you all!

SENIOR CLUB Vicki T and Justine

Senior club


Sign up here to grab CTB before chapter with your favorite friends

What: CTB with your gal pals (BYOB Buy Your Own Bagel)

When: Before Chapter on sundays

Who: Seniors!

Sign up to hang:

Peace, luv, bagels


CHAPLAINS Christina and Holly

For chaplain (Tini and I):

Hi lovelies! The theme of this week is ~new beginnings~ in honor of our first chapter of the semester! Here are a couple quotes to keep you all inspired during the craziness of this week. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or need a little mood boost, and have a great rest of the week—you’re halfway there!

AOT hol-tina

SOCIALZ Charlene, Allie, and Claire

Hey hey hey happy hump day, to celebrate getting through this week, you should come to the ballin' events we have this weekend!

THURSDAY: Nada so you can rest up for the jam packed weekend :)


BBQ with AGR 5pm @ the house! There will be burgers, veggie burgers, and "summer sides." There will also be a volleyball tourney! (Anyone who went to Llenroc already got practice for this :p)

Mixer with Phi Sig 10pm @ 126 College Ave! No theme so y'all don't have to change after the BBQ if you don't want to


AEPI WINE TOUR!!!!! Rides to AEPi will start at 9 for a pregame/ breakfast and then buses will leave from AEPi by 10. We will be going to Magnus Ridge and Torrey Ridge wineries. The social said he thinks we should be back around 3:30 and they will have food at the house for us afterwards! IF YOU REALIZE YOU CANNOT GO ON THE WINE TOUR PLEASE REMOVE YOUR NAME SO SOMEONE ELSE CAN GO

Pike Mixer 10pm @ the house Theme: 4am Fire Drill, where your PJs or whatever you think you'd be caught in at 4am and the fire alarm went off!

Sign up for wine tour here (Still 2 more spots!)

Annnnnd the other mixers here!

Other Announcements

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