From Wax Crayola Crayons



Do you like coloring. do you ever wonder where Crayola crayons come from. well read this to find out.


Crayola crayons are made from wax. wax is ship to Crayola by companies who refine it from petroleum. pigment comes from sources they can be natural or man made these raw material are purchased by Crayola from outside suppliers and delivered by trucks or railroad cars.


First they mix the wax and color pigment then it gets molded into crayon shapes. next it gets rapped two times in the label then they put them in trucks and drive them to stores.


Then they set them up in stores and sell them you can find them in stores like Wal-mart Target.

Fun Facts

  • Did you know wax is now made from farms.
  • Most people who work at crayola have worked there for over 20 years.
  • More than one billion crayons are made with solar power A day.


so now you know the process of A crayon that your holding now.
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