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4th grade newsletter

Week of May 2nd-5th


We will be working through rotations this week including TTM, Math games, Division QR codes, Teacher Table and MM.

At teacher table we will be discussing using the long division algorithm and using Does Mcdonalds Serve Cheese Burgers Regularly (---Divide Multiply Subract Compare Bring-down and Remainder)

MM pages will review fractions and games this week will review multiplication and division strategies.

Don't forget to practice for Math logs!

Assessment #10, MM137-138, PFL 29-30

Log in to TTM at home and complete lessons!

Math study log

This time the log is pink and looks a little different. I am asking that students write what they studied. Then there is space for parent signature.


Bring your cans in by May 27th. Hopefully we can add some new comfortable seating to our hallway work stations.
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Social Studies

We will be researching the events that took place in the Civil War.


No list this week!


We continue working on our reading passages. Our strategy for answering the questions is CHUMS. As your child to explain the steps to you.


Our special project is very close to being done! We can't wait for you to see what the finished product looks like!

Students are creating their own New Angry Bird. They will write a description, tell about its special power, and about its personality. They are really enjoying this project!
We will use toilet paper tubes for constructing our birds. If you have any extra tubes, we could sure use them!!!

Upcoming Events:

May 9th--Math STAAR test
May 10th--Reading STAAR test
May 20th--Field Day
May 26th--Field Trip
May 27th--No School
May 30th--No School Memorial Day
June 1st--Early Release
June 1st--4th grade Awards Ceremony 9:30 AM
June 2nd--Early Release--Last Day of School!

Contact us: (Please see our updated contact info. We have switched over to gmail accounts instead of first class!)

hilary_cooper@misd.gs --Math

hillary_pace@misd.gs --Science/Social Studies & LA/Spelling

colette_peterson@misd.gs --Reading & Writing