Exotic Pets!

Do you really want to own an exotic animal? Before you say yes think about this. Owning exotic animals as pets can be exspensive, difficult to own, and can lead to injury, deaths, and more. These animals can majorly affect our lives.
Owning these exotic animals isn't as easy as it might seem. These animals can cause danger to you and others around you. In 2009, a pet chimp attacked his owner's friend. The , chimp bit off most of the woman's face. Hundreds of wild pets have killed or attacked their owners. In October, an Ohio man released his 56 wild pets: lions, tigers, bears and more. They ran wild. Their neighbors were terrified. And the police had to kill most of the animals: "it was like Noah's ark crashed; it was beyond horror" says Jack Hannah who was one of the neighbors. Do you really want to put yourself and others around you in danger.
You can't treat an exotic animal like a cat or dog! Exotic animals have special needs: Special foods, space to roam, and lots of attention. Pet food from Walmart isn't going to reach exotic animals expectations, for example; (a lion or tiger needs a lot of meat, and meat can cost you hundreds of dollars) Needing space to roam is another important one. A panda can't just camp our in the living room every night. You need to have open space so it can feel like it's in its habitat. If you have a job where you have to work a good portion of the day, I wouldn't even think about owning an exotic animal. They need attention! A lot can go on in the time you're not home. So before you even think about getting an exotic animal think about these things.
Owning exotic animals will take almost all the money you have, think about it, they need special food, a home, and you have to buy the animal its self. First off you need to buy the exotic animal which is most likely going to be thousands of dollars. Second of all where is it supposed to stay! It can't stay in your living room or basement! It would need to have a habitat, and that would cost a bunch! Probably the hardest of them all to mange is their food. These animals need to get fed a lot. They can't just eat anything. Are you really commited, that you will invest that much money in to an animal?
It can be cool to own an exotic animal. I mean who doesn't wanna own a lion, monkey, panda, snake, and more. They can be a man or woman's best friend to. They can also keep you company. But still it is very dangerous, exspensive, and difficult. Is it really worth it?
Do you really want to own an exotic animal? If I were you I wouldn't. Owning these animals will affect our lives in many ways: they are dangerous, special needs, and exspenses can get out of hand. Do you really want to spend that hard earned cash on a pet? When you can just get a dog or cat and not have to worry about all these problems. I know they can be cool to own and can be a woman's best friend, but it's not cool when someone gets hurt.


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