Sight Words Pro

A simple but effective way to learn sight words

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Developer – 24x7 digital LLC

Age Range – 6 to 10 year olds

Subject – Literacy

Rating – 78/100

Price – £1.49 (also has in-app purchases)

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Sight Words Pro enables children to practice lists of high and medium frequency words without parents and teachers needing to resort to material like flashcards. It is very simple to use – once a word appears on screen the child tries to read it. If they do this correctly they touch the star in the top left hand corner. If they get the word wrong they instead touch a flag in the top right hand corner. Words that are flagged (i.e. answered incorrectly) can then be reviewed on their own at a later time.

The app contains a detailed database of common words (more than 1,600). These include the Dolch List, Fry Words and UK High Frequency Words. It also comes pre-loaded with the upper and lowercase alphabet, numbers zero to one hundred, colours, days of the week, months of the year, shapes and animals. The narration provided within the app is clear and easy to follow. Additional word lists can be imported and users have the facility to record their own pronunciations.

Parents will find this app very convenient to use at home and from a learning perspective they will also find that it makes good sense. I often tell parents that the key to learning sight words is to use the little and often approach. Little because that may be all a child is able to cope with and let’s face it there are more exciting activities to be doing. Often because the more frequently you review words, the more likely you are to retain them. Sight Words Pro is brilliant for this type of approach because not only can you use it at the table during homework time, you can use it anywhere you have a spare few minutes, e.g. waiting at the dentists, stuck in a traffic jam or even in bed.

From a teacher’s perspective the facility to add up to 40 students onto the app is fantastic. This means that even in a one iPad classroom a teacher can have an entire class signed up and using the app on a regular basis.

Sight Words Pro does not contain any adverts or in-app purchases but there are links to other apps by 24x7 digital LLC on the App Store. These are not protected.


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