Kepler 62f

"Kashyyyk" by: Abby D. and Savanna P.

Measurements and other cool things!

Diameter- 11,084.5 mi

Mass- 0.69 m

Radius- 0.630 m

Length of year- 267 days

Important information



Age- 12,000 years

g= 96.7 m/s^2


Distance from Earth- 1,200 light years

Travel time- 12,000 years

(see calculations in packet)

Fun Facts!

Problems and Solutions

Flaws and fixes:

-Wouldn't be technology based like ours: Discover how to create technology on the planet before going there.

-Engulfed in water: Get boats, submarines, and other water based transportation.

-No easy access to metals: Transport an essential amount of metals from Earth to Kepler 62f.