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The 4th and 5th Grade Aversboro Press - 2nd Edition

Kid's Interest

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I honestly love Minecraft, so if you want to know anything about it just ask me! At the Mincon that just happened they said that there will be a update on the Taiga Biome and there going to add foxes, berrys, and camp fires! They also added phantoms but that was a long time ago, the most exciting stuff that they said there putting on new types of cat colors. I think this is really exciting there adding nine new cats and if you know me you would probably know that I love cats! Oh, and Minecraft is adding new and improved villages and villagers they might sound the same but are very different! There adding scaffolding to i think that will be really fun! I hope you check out Minecraft and see all the new and cool stuff they added!!!

Written by Fallon

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Reading is Fun!

Some people don’t like reading. I want to convince you to try reading. First, reading is fun because you can laugh at funny pictures. I recommend Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett illustrated by Jon Klassen. Second, you can let your imagination go wild when you read. Try fantasy, interesting nonfiction, fiction, or graphic novels. Third, you learn to read bigger book’s and words. You might read books with onomatopoeia, alliteration, simile, or idioms. Last, you can learn a lot of new things. Species (animals), the solar system, the earth, your body. You can learn new vocabulary from books like skyscraper: a relatively tall building.

Written by Donivyn

Morning Meeting

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Annyeonghaseyo Aversboro!

Did you know annyeonghaseyo means hello in Korean? This is how you say it,

ann-yeong-ha-se-yo the end the “y” has no sound. Try to get your teacher to have that greeting for morning meeting. We had interviews with Mrs.Baker and a student on how they feel on morning meeting. First I (Kristal) asked Mrs.Baker ,“How do you feel about morning meeting?” She answered,”I love morning meeting because it is a time where we gather together.” Then I asked “Would you like to change anything about morning meeting?” She answered “Well I would like to have more time in morning meeting for more activities.” My next interview was with the student Gabby.S. I asked the the same questions and got the same answers! I have one more thing to add but this is for the principal and assistant principal, I hope that you try to figure out a way to add more time to morning meeting. Lastly I would like to thank Mrs.Baker and Gabby S.

Remember Morning Meeting starts at 9:10 am.DON’T BE LATE!

Written by Kristal and Charlie


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The Browns Comeback

Guess what the most unexpected team to win the Superbowl ?????? The Cleveland Browns. I know what your thinking… WHAT, but their teams draft class was great. For example they drafted Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, Nick Chubb, Austin Corbett and other amazing and smart picks. I think their owner has actually put together a pretty good team this year and their coach ((Hue Jackson)) has prept his team to a max. Though they of course have room to approve in Cleveland for their two wins and four loses but it’s better than last season with zero wins and sixteen loses sadly. Will I guess they already beat that record. Baker Mayfield has 1,291 yards passing and six passing touchdowns and a seventy eight point five Quarterback rating.

The Browns are an amazing football team!!!!

Written by Jayden

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Which American League Team Is Going To Play The Best In The World Series?

Can I tell you how the Red Sox made to the world series? If you said yes, let’s go back to the future. The Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox play against each other in game one of the American League championship series at Fenway Park.

So Boston has the home field advantage, they could probably win this game. But surprisingly they don’t win this game. So this win puts the Astros at 1 win and 0 loses, but not for long though! The Red Sox make a come back and I don’t think they are planning on losing because right now they are on a hot 3 game winning streak.

This all starts with game 2, in the bottom of the first inning Mookie Betts is on second base with 0 outs. Andrew Benintendi up to bat. Benintendi hits a ball to center field and drives in Mookie Betts to score and gets a RBI single. Then Rafael Devers hits a 2-run go ahead Home Run! The Red Sox won the game 5-7.

In game three the Red Sox keep their streak going. Who is going to the MLB World series? Well we know who went to the World Series and see you next time in edition 3.

Written by Terrance

School Safety

Games & Puzzles

Let's Get Gaming!

Idle Miner: First you start out in a coal mine it may take awhile for you to get to you 20th level but you will get there in 1hr min if you play it enough. Then I recommend the gold mine. When you get enough money you start on the crystal mine that will get you your first super manager. Then you wait for 1 or 2 days so you get a lot of money from your other mines. That will let you get more mines. There are event mines that will get you medals but you will get super cash sometimes. There is super cash that you use to speed up getting another five mines. Check it out! ps. It is free.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is very hard when you get to a high level. Also how to get to a high level is by xp. Also how to get xp is to go in a game and survive as long as you can. Also what you do in the game is you place a tower and the tower will pop the balloons and they give you money. I would rate it 5 stars.

Written by Eric & Gabe

Can You Answer Them?

Did you like the riddles from the first edition? Well here's some more! The first riddle is: What runs but never walks, has a bed but never sleeps, and has a mouth but never eats? Here’s the second riddle: Why could you not hear the pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Here’s the last riddle: Joe’s father had three sons Snap, Crackle, and?

If you want different riddles look up riddles and you will see Riddles and Answers and it is filled with hard and clever riddles. My favorite category is sports but there are so many different categories to choose from. So if you want to go and check it out you should check out all of the categories.

Written by Greyson & Caleb

Star Student Interviews

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Colors & Movies

We are interviewing children around Aversboro Elementary to see what they like. I interviewed 6 4th and 5th grade students with two simple questions. This was the favorite color question. I interviewed six students & five out of six students chose blue instead of red or yellow. That is just like the movie’s question. Disney movies got five, Pixar got one, Dreamworks got none. Based on the questions that I asked most people like the color blue and Disney movies as their favorites.

Written by Maddox

Student Favorites

So after interviewing a few students in my class I got some good information. So the first question that I asked was, “What is your favorite thing to do at recess?” The choices that I gave them were tag, football, foursquare and a lot of people like to play tag. Then the next question that I asked was,”What is your favorite dessert?” The choices were cake, brownies, or ice cream and a lot of people like ice cream. Then I asked, “What is your dream car?” The choices were lamborghini, sports car or truck and like I expected, most people chose lamborghini. Finally, the last question that I asked was, “Who is your favorite teacher?” “Mrs.Lorbacher, Mrs. Avery or Mrs.Miller and the most voted for teacher was Mrs.Lorbacher.

Written by TaNae

Hoot Buck Spending

I interviewed Randall B. at lunch and we talked about what he would do with his hoot bucks. And we ate our lunch while we talked about this interview. These are all of his answers next to the questions:

*What things would you like to buy with your hoot bucks? Headphones

*What would you like to buy at the hoot buck store? Minny hungry hippo game

*How would you like to use your hoot bucks? At the hoot buck store

*How many hoot bucks would you like to use at the hoot buck store? 16 hb

*What types of stores would you like to spend your hoot bucks at since you can’t spend most of them? Bizarre Bazzar

* What color Would you like the hoot bucks to be next year? purple

* If we had school uniforms would you like it? Why? No, wants to wear his own clothing

*What’s your favorite color? Red

*What’s your favorite food? apples

*What’s your favorite movie? Black Panther

*What grade are you in? 5th grade

When I compared the 5th graders answers to the 1st graders I realized that the answers are kind of different since sometimes the older that you get the more your personalities can change like your favorite tv show or hobby because they get introduced to more opportunities since you're older.

Written by Addison

Writing Staff Bios

Riddle Answers

Here is the answer to riddle one: A river

Here’s the answer to riddle two: Because the P is silent

And here’s the answer to the last riddle: Joe.