Grey headed flying fox

pteropuspolicephalus by David Justin


Grey-headed flying foxes are mammals. They have fur or hair and the young drink milk.

Grey-headed flying foxes are warm blooded.

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Grey-headed flying foxes fly by using their wings and they hang with the claws of their feet.
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They eat fruits like bananas, berries, apples and strawberries.
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Grey-headed flying foxes live in trees that have fruit like berries, mangos and apples. They can be found in the rain forest in the north of Australia. Grey Headed flying foxes can also be found in Sydney and in Fairfield.
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Interesting facts

They are usually seen at dusk. The grey headed flying fox was the Australian

Flying fox discovered by Europeans.

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The grey headed flying foxes are furry and they have a black nose. They have a pink tongue. They are dark brown and have a reddish-brown collar.
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